Jimmy, Judy, and Paddy meet many, many interesting characters during their exploits in Maybeland.  Those characters helped or hindered the trio as they played detective during their search for the star.  Other characters in the show include the following:

Judy & Jimmy's mother Santa Claus The Wintergreen Witch Weary Willie the Stork Oliver Ostrich Queen Melissa Penelope the Pelican
Fe Fo, the Giant Captain Tin Top Snapper Snick, the Crooning Crocodile Samuel the Seal Slim Pickins, the Cowboy Captain Taffy, the Pirate Chief Cook and Bottle Washer (Indian Chief)
King Blotto the Third Professor Whiz, the Owl Mr. Presto the Magician Inkaboo Assistant Executioner Fraidy Cat Westley the Wailing Whale Grand Wonkey

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