The radio show had quite a large cast of characters. Out of that cast, there are four main characters, Paddy O'Cinnamon, twins Judy and Jimmy Barton and the Crazy Quilt Dragon.

Paddy O'Cinnamon

Paddy O'Cinnamon is a four-inch stuffed bear with a huge heart.  He helps the twins search for the all important silver star that hangs on their Christmas tree.  A good, brave and helpful bear, he leads them through Maybeland and many adventures in search of the star.

Judy and Jimmy Barton

They are twins who are want their favorite ornament on the Christmas tree but can't seem to find it until they remember that Uncle Ned put some decorations in the attic the previous year.  After much pleading and begging, their mother allows them to head up to the attic to search for the star. During their search, along with a spyglass and quilt, they find a four-inch bear with a green ribbon among other things.  As Jimmy is playing with a spyglass, he sees the little bear move and the adventure begins.

Crazy Quilt Dragon

Crazy Quilt is absolutely obsessed with the shiny Christmas star.  He stole the star from the attic and takes it to Maybeland.  Even though he eventually joins Judy, Jimmy and Paddy, he can't quite be trusted not to take off with the star if they find it again.

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